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Distribución, abundancia y reproducción del cangrejo rojo Cancer johngarthi (Decapoda: Cancridae), en Baja California Sur, México
Edgar Santiago Amador Silva
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ISSN: 2215-2075
Cancer, Decapoda, reproduction, Baja California Sur, Mexico
"Red crabs Cancer johngarthi Carvacho were collected from 1987 to 1990, in Baja California Sur (24- 28°N, Punta Eugenia to Flor de Malva). Bottom trawlings were made with a shrimp fishing gear, 20 m mouth and 3 cm mesh, from 50 m to 250 m depth. The captures were registered from 90 m to 250 m depth and at water temperaturas from 11.5°C to 17°C. Relative abundance per eruise was maximum for the expedition of September 1990 which yielded 53% of the total, and minimum (4%) for October 1987. The 24°N, latitudinally, was the best represented in effective trawls (68%) and number of individuals (56% of the total). The highest proportion of crabs total weight to other macroinvertebrates ocurred in March (53.74%) and September (50.11%) of 1990, while the lowest was detected in October 1988 (19.8%). Biomass and density were higher at 24°N. Highest abundance and densities were registered in the depth intervals of 140-159 m and 200-219 m. Sex ratio was always favorable to males (from 63.4% in September 1990 to 97.6% in July 1988). Maximal maturity sizes and the breeding period were found in July (summer) and October (fall), respectively. Recruitment was detected for March (spring) and September (summer). High correlations were obtained between the body weight and the carapace breadth for both sexes (males: r= 0.97 and females: r= 0.98). Correlations were also high between the caparaee breadth and cheliped length for both sexes (r= 0.96 for males and 0.94 for females). In all the observations an exponential curve growth showed the best fit."
Universidad de Costa Rica
Revista de Biología Tropical
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